Our Purpose Statement: Why we exist

To ensure a victorious future for the generations of Maroon children yet unborn.

Our Mission Statement: What we exist to do

To develop, grow and enrich the institutions of our society consistent with the tenets of Ma’at (Olúwa Ìsèse).

The eight (8) core tenets of the Ìsèse Olùwa Paradigm are:

  1. Igbékèlé (The Preeminence of Spirit)
  2. Ìwòn (Complementarity and Balance)
  3. Onílé (Mother Earth and Ecological Balance)
  4. Spirocyclic Nature of History and Reality
  5. Ìdílé (Family- Continuity and Intergenerational Transmission)
  6. Ìwà-Pèlé (Gentle/Good/Righteous Character)
  7. ReAfrakanization (Personal and Collective Identity and Healing Transformation and Development)
  8. Nationbuilding, National Sovereignty and War of Irreconcilable Cultural Realities.


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Our Vision Statement: What our future will look like

We will live in a world where Ma’at (Ìsèse Olùwa) reigns.

Our Goals Statement: What we must achieve

To be able to clothe, defend, educate, feed, govern, heal, house, and minister our society by accomplishing the following objectives:


Our Objectives: How we will achieve it

  1. ReAfrakanizing as many people and families as possible.
  2. Creating an environment where marriage and Family Development can thrive.
  3. Creating institutions for the proper instruction of our people.
  4. Developing an economy by creating/attracting Afrakan entrepreneurs and businesses.
  5. Developing an urban village where we own and accumulate wealth.
  6. Purchasing acreage for the development of a rural community.
  7. Sustaining an environment that nurtures our identity and creates and sustains mental, physical, emotional health.

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Our Ìlànà Amalúwàbí (Code of Honor)

The values of Egbé Ijoba remind each of us and tell the rest of the world who we are and what we stand for. They are the fundamental tools that will enable you to determine right from wrong in any situation.  Our values are consistent and synergistic. Each supports the others. The application of these eight (8) values in aggregate makes one Amalúwàbí– a person of righteousness and good character. Here are the values that guide you as a Maroon and as a member of Sankofaman:

  1. Act with rectitude and complete sincerity (Ìwà-òdodo). 
  2. Act with courage and a warrior’s spirit (Ìláyà). 
  3. Be compassionate (Àánú). 
  4. Be honest, sincere and polite (Olóotó). 
  5. Act honorably (Tòwòtòwò). 
  6. Be loyal and dutiful (Seégbéékèlé atì Ètó). 
  7. Act under self-control (Ìséra). 
  8. Appreciate the arts (Onà láti moyi). 

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Our Sentiment Statement: What we believe

Egbé Ijoba affirms the Sacred Odù Ifá as the inspired word of Olódùmarè, and as the basis for our understanding. We accept the “Sixteen Sentiments and Beliefs of Ìsèse Sacred Science” as an affirmation of our basic beliefs.

  1. Olúwa Ìsèse exists on two planes, the cosmic and the ethnic.  On the cosmic plane, the divinities correspond to particular energies and phenomenon, which affect all life on the planet.  On the ethnic level, the divinities were first conceptualized and born into Yorùbá society.  Therefore, we Sankofa Ìsèse believers feel it necessary to fully comprehend all aspects of Yorùbá life and discipline before one attempt’s to represent or interpret the tradition. To interpret the tradition on the cosmic level alone is to divest it of its Yorùbá (Afrakan) heritage. In such an event, we feel that another amorphous, cosmopolitan faith system is created, and it is no longer necessary to think of it as derived from the indigenous Yorùbá cultural tradition.

  2. We believe that there is one Spirit, Àkámarà (Olódùmarè), who created and controls the cosmos and all that is contained therein.

  3. We believe that there are forces of nature, Òrìsà, divine ministers and manifestations of God that govern the affairs of human beings and the governing of the universe.

  4. We believe that the spirit/soul of humans lives on after death and that the ancestral spirit/soul must be remembered and honored, and consulted by the living and that they do reincarnate back into the world of the living.

  5. We believe in the righteousness and sacredness of our mission.

  6. We believe that there are many changes ahead, which promise a better life for us.  However, we must not ever become so enchanted with the new that we forget to reclaim and retain out traditional institutions, values and customs, nor depart too radically from them.

  7. We believe in divination as revealed to us by Òrúnmìlà Afèdèfèyò through the Sacred Odù Ifá and that it is the “Word of Olódùmarè.”

  8. We believe that knowledge is the golden key to success and power in life.  Success in life includes possessing good character, children, a successful marriage, stable home, money, land, titles, businesses, and good standing with one’s neighbors.

  9. We believe that daily prayer, both personal and group, is mandatory and efficacious, and we believe that the use of life force (blood) offerings, fasting, the giving of alms (sacrifice), and performing good works strengthens and elevates our prayers to Olódùmarè, the Òrìsà and Egúngún (ancestors).

  10. We believe that, “Heaven is home and Earth is the marketplace.” Hence, we are neither a world- affirming nor a world- renouncing people. We believe that we are spiritual beings on a human journey (life), and that the Earth is the place where we develop ìwà-pèlé (good character) and evolve.

  11. We believe that everyone belongs somewhere in a group, and all people are not necessarily equal in all situations.  Age, gender, and vested authority determine every situation and we must respect those who are in positions of authority and responsibility.

  12. We believe in the magical medicinal use of herbs.

  13. We believe that the most important ties are those in marriage and between parents and children. Marriage is the normal and natural state for adults, and both polygyny and monogamy are viable forms of marriage.

  14. We believe that ritual song and dance is mandatory in the worship of the Òrìsà.

  15. We believe that humans can commune with the Òrìsà and Egúngún through the vehicle of trance-possession.

  16. We believe that good health is the most precious of all in life and that everyone who is able should sojourn to Yorùbáland, West Afraka.

Our Mottos

  • ReAfrakanization-Family Development-Nationbuilding
  • Sovereignty and Righteous living.